Important Changes on DCBE – Brazilian Central Bank Annual Reporting


The Brazilian Central Bank has changed the reporting requirement to assets totaling US$ 1 million. ​​ In addition, it added three new important and specific items on the DCBE - “Ativo: ​​ Empresas – Participação no Capital”.

This affects the participation in foreign companies. The Central Bank has included specific items regarding income/results for this year’s annual report, due on April 5th.

It is not possible to obtain this information from bank statements alone, making it virtually obligatory to have financial statements prepared, and with the necessary disclosure.

The company FSs prepared by Dartmouth have always been prepared in accordance with IFRS guidelines, permitting easy identification of all the required reporting items.

It is important to note that incorrect or incomplete DCBE information may cause penalties.

Our specialists are able to assist your clients with the Financial Statement preparation and DCBE filing.

Our team in Miami, São Paulo and Montevideo, remains at your and your clients’ disposal.

Working seamlessly together with you to give to your clients a more personalized and qualified service, we look forward to strengthening our relationship.


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