The international concerns with tax evasion, money laundering, corruption and fraud have created a maze of laws and regulations that most countries and financial institutions must follow.

Making sense of all the applicable legal regulations is no easy task. We make it easy for our customers to follow the necessary Regulatory Reporting and Tax Compliance requirements.

These reports tend to be complex, often causing significant confusion. We prepare reports for our customer companies so they are consistent and compliant with the applicable regulation.

The OECD countries created CRS- Common Reporting Standards, which are much more far reaching and complex than the US equivalent (FATCA).

However, both must be adhered to, and may affect the client company.

Navigating though these complex regulations requires professional help. We do just that…

Various jurisdictions are imposing Economic Substance Requirements. All of these reports need to be correctly prepared on an annual basis.

We help our customers meet these demands effectively and efficiently.

Our compliance professionals will take care of all these complexities.

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    Why choose Dartmouth ?

    In today’s environment it is no easy task to be 100% compliant with all regulations requirements of International Banks and Foreign Governments.

    Dartmouth will make it easy for clients to have all needed documentation to satisfy all legal requirements.